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Would You Want a 13.3-inch Tablet by Samsung?

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Ever wondered, how big is too big? Well, as far as we go, 12.2-inch was as far as one could go for a tablet device. However, Samsung again disagrees with us.

The Korean chaebol is said to be working on a 13.3-inch tablet, as per GSM Arena, and is based on an “inside contact” involved with Samsung’s Kids Mode. The site further goes on to elaborate that the 13.3-inch tablet by Samsung is codenamed “Warhol” and bears the model number T911/T910.

This tablet will have an LCD screen instead of an AMOLED display and will offer a resolution of 2,560×1,600 pixels.

In totality, Samsung is working on three new tablets including this one. The other two are an 8.4-inch tablet named 701/T700 or “Klimt” and a 10.5-inch device called T801/T800 or “Chagall.” The news report claims that these two tablet will come with an AMOLED displays but they too will sport 2,560×1,600 resolution. Quoting the benchmarking specs at AnTuTu on, GSM Areana also mentions that both these tablets will also come with a fingerprint reader much like the Samsung Galaxy S5. [GSM Arena]

Photo of Samsung Galaxy Note

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