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Toyota’s Kirobo Mini: Say ‘hi’ to your new portable friend

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Do you remember American Sci-Fi sitcom Small Wonder? The storyline revolved around V.I.C.I., an android in the form of a 10-year-old girl. Back then, many of us fostered a dream of having robot as our companion. Amongst the already existing humanoids like Mark 1, Toyota is out with one more option to choose from. Yes, we are talking about Toyota’s Kirobo Mini, a 10 centimeter-high portable communication companion that can talk to you, gesture at you, and detect and respond to your emotions.

With people spending an average of 4.3 years in cars, which equates to traveling to the moon and back three times, Toyota came out with a vision of making driving become a physically and emotionally transformative experience. The Japan-based automotive manufacturer believes that much can be learnt about our behavior and emotion while driving.

Toyota’s Kirobo Mini could turn its head toward the person speaking and engages in casual conversation while moving its head and hands. Its compact size means that this cuddly companion it can be taken just about anywhere for heart-touching communication. It can be connected via Bluetooth to smartphones installed with a dedicated app.

What’s more wonderful is that a built-in camera enables the Kirobo Mini to recognize people’s facial expressions, through which it tries to detect their emotions so that it can accordingly adjust its manner of speaking and moving. This wonder machine can also converse based on information drawn from the vehicle or home.

Basis the information about the vehicle or home obtained through connected services, the Kirobo Mini can provide more-caring comments, such as: “That was a long drive. Good job.” or “Welcome home! A warm bath is waiting.”

On the specification front, the seated height and weight of Toyota’s Kirobo Mini is 10cm and 183 grams. Its continuous communication time is approximately 2.5 hours and battery charging time is approximately 3 hours, as revealed on the company’s official website.

As robots can already vacuum your house and drive your car, do let us know how you would feel about having the Kirobo Mini as your companion? Stay tuned for more updates!
(Image: Toyota official website)

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