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Samsung Says Its New S7 Is Waterproof, So We Threw It in a Fish Tank

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The best part about the big bold claims tech companies make about their products? You get to test those claims. Which is why we abandoned a Samsung S7 to a fish tank for a little over thirty minutes in this week’s episode of Testmodo.

Contrary to what some people are saying, the Samsung S7 is waterproof. If you leave it in standing water for thirty minutes you will still have a working phone. If you leave it a few minutes longer because you maybe took your sweet time walking over to the testing table, it will still work when you pull it out of the water.

If you expect it to do anything while it’s in the water you will be sorely disappointed. I queued up an adorable 30-plus minute video of sea turtles to run during the test, but the Wi-Fi crapped up as soon as the phone was submersed. It also doesn’t like to respond to input attempts while underwater.

But’s it is waterproof.

In addition to testing how waterproof it is we also checked out how good it’s standby battery life is (really, really good) and how quickly its camera focuses compared to the iPhone 6s Plus and LG G4.

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