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Leica Lenses Have Legacy In Photography Like No Other Brand

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The word Leica is synonymous with photography. Some of the greatest photographers in the world swear by Leica gear, so it wouldn’t be hyperbolic to call it a camera brand like no other. Its M line of range-finder cameras in particular are iconic and have been in production for more than 60 years. Even in this modern digital photography age Leica has masterfully adapted its iconic rangefinders to the modern age. Soon this icon will be lending its technology to a new Huawei phone with which it has collaborated for a dual-lens camera.

Its rangefinders are some of the most coveted cameras in the world. They have been used by the likes of Stuart Franklin, Matt Humphrey, Tom Stoddard, and Sarah Lee amongst many more, to even the Queen Elizabeth. Imagine this, there’s even a stamp of the Queen with her Leica M camera. But what really differentiates a Leica from say a Nikon or a Canon camera is the lens.

“Over the last 25 years of my career as a photographer, I have come across several different brands of cameras. Very few leave a lasting impression like Leica does. With superb lenses and a flawless design, there’s a lot to appreciate about the body’s simplicity. What Leica’s cameras do is invite the shooter to be creative; to entertain new ideas, and display them with the lighting, color and effects that some call the ‘Leica effect’. Leica has undoubtedly been a great companion to my 25 year long journey and I recommend it to every budding photographer,” says Darren Centofanti who has been known to use Leica cameras for years.

Modern Leica’s are known for a wide range of lens systems. Particularly, they are known for the ‘Summicron’ line of lenses which have been in production since 1953 to date. They normally use Lanthanum glass, which isn’t used in most lens systems.

Its pedigree in lens systems goes back to its founder Ernst Leitz, who by 1925 had invented the world’s first 35mm camera. In fact, Leitz, who lends Leica its name, started by just building lenses. These weren’t camera lenses, but were rather microscope lenses which were meant for scientific research.

Today, largely because of its range-finder cameras like the M-line of cameras, Leica’s are used by some of the greatest street photographers on the planet. This is because of the type of lenses they bring to the table combined with compact cameras which are ideal for shooting moving subjects.

The legacy of some of Leica’s old lenses is so iconic that the company has modern variants of some of its lenses from the 50’s and 60’s which are still used by photographers the world over. This just underpins the fact that Leica as a brand has a legacy in photography like no other and it all starts with the lens. The Leica lens, that’s what’s coveted.

(The above image is shot by using Huawei P9)

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