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Apart from Vodka, you Potatoes also make for interesting cameras

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Looking at a potato, the only thing that would come to anyone’s mind is food. It could be packaged chips, French fries that we eat at all fast food joints or even mashed spuds. The term potato is also used to describe aging computers or old DSLR’s for that matter, but there is an individual who has apparently changed the way we perceive a potato.

Australian photographer Colin Low, actually managed to build a pinhole camera through a potato, and he did this just to win a bet. There have been quite a lot of pinhole cameras that were made from all kind of materials in the past, but an attempt to make a camera out of a potato is seemingly unusual.

Colin, in fact had made many pinhole cameras from all sorts of materials in the past, but what led him to make a pinhole camera from a potato was mere challenge from his niece and nephews. But making a camera initially seemed problematic since, potatoes are not known for their longevity, but that challenge didn’t stop him from doing to what he actually did.

Getting up the tech specs of the camera, Colin made this camera using a Creme Gold potato. It accompanied a lens, with a focal length of 60mm and a 300 micro laser cut pinhole, which provided an f/200 aperture.

Sure, pinhole cameras are nowhere near likes of a DSLR, but the idea in this case is all about capturing an image, be it any kind of image. Images clicked with pinhole cameras are abstract quality but they seemingly do work.

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